Honor And Respect Shoe Shipping Update

Thank you to all of you who have placed orders for the Honor and Respect athletic shoe.  We had a great response from the Fox and Friends segment and we are working diligently in fulfilling the almost 10,000 shoe orders.  For our friends who have received their orders, we have heard back from several of you and we are so happy you love them. For our friends who are waiting for their order, they are coming. We will be receiving the remaining pre order shoes at the end of October and will be getting all orders out shortly after!  We wanted to make sure all of our customers knew about the awesome exposure and response we had from Fox and Friends.


With this awesome response we are going to be able to help so many first responders and military personnel that are suffering with PTSD and job related stress. We appreciate all of you and we thank you for being patient with us.  God Bless the USA and watch over all our first responders and military personnel both active and veterans alike.   
Thank You,
Honor And Respect LLC