About Us

Honor and Respect started in 2018 when current Marion Police Officer and U.S. Air Force veteran Ron Slagle prayed about how he and his family could help first responders and military personnel with the current mental health crisis.
It started small with the family coming together to design a shoe that would allow others to show their support, and has grown into a bigger plan that God had His hand on. In July of 2019 we were featured on Fox and Friends and the response was very positive. This has been an awesome opportunity for our family as it has given us the time to work together and be part of something much bigger than ourselves.
Our mission has always been to let our first responders know that they are not alone, and we stand with them. We have had the honor of being able to donate to various organizations that share our mission in helping our nation’s heroes make their mental health a priority. This is bigger than a shoe, it's a passion to serve the people who have served all of us.
Consider the way you can help first responders by purchasing your pair of Honor and Respect shoes. 

Mission Statement