Weekly Honor Posts


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Sunday, November 21

Today’s (November 21) #Honor post goes to Trooper Barge with the Florida Highway Patrol for serving all residents on all calls.

On November 13, 2021 Trooper Barge was working a hit and run accident and noticed some puppies at a nearby house. The pups were all huddled under the porch and Trooper Barge was aware the temperature was going to go down later in the night.

Trooper Barge made contact with the homeowner and offered to re-home the pups. Each of the young pups found new homes with their furever families thanks to Trooper Barge.

Another great reflection of the FHP and the troopers who serve the great state of Florida, all residents and all calls matter.


Monday, November 22

Today’s (November 22) #Honor post goes to the officers with Hilltown Township Police Department for serving and saving.

During this week of #Thanksgiving we are thankful for the brave men and women who serve and protect. Last summer a barn fire broke out at the Red Wing Farm. All the horses got to safety except for Phoebe who was spooked by the flames. Officer Reiss and Officer Hanus responded to the call.

“When you arrive you do a thousand assessments-what do we have, what do we need, how do you get things under control,”-Officer Reiss.

The officers rushed into the burning barn and with the help of a brave farm hand were able to safely remove Phoebe and get her to safety.

This week, Thanksgiving week let us continue to keep our brave men and women in our prayers. Every day and night they are faced with challenging situations and are faced with making split second decisions. This week, Thanksgiving day and every day and night these officers are heroes. We appreciate you both.

Tuesday, November 23

Today’s (November 23) #Honor post goes to the Wichita Fire Department for serving and saving in a matter of minutes.

On Labor Day crews were sent to the Shores Apartment complex in response to a raging blaze. When they arrived they learned multiple residents were trapped inside. Within 2 minutes of arrival firefighters managed to rescue all residents who were trapped. All are expected to make a full recovery.

“No lives were lost, they have a lot to rebuild but they still have each other”-Wichita FD.

Thank you to the brave men and women who serve and save with the Wichita Fire Department. #thankful

Wednesday, November 24

Today’s (November 24) #Honor post goes to the officers with the Mount Vernon - Lisbon Police Department for serving all during this holiday season.

Recently officers worked with the Southeast Linn Community Center to make sure all have a memorable holiday. The officers were able to pass out holiday boxes and gifts to several people in the community. The boxes and gifts represent more than a wrapped up surprise, they represent love and appreciation for the community they serve.

“The holidays are not as much about opening gifts as opening our hearts”

Nice work to all involved, you are appreciated.

Thursday, November 25

Today’s (Thanksgiving) #Honor post goes to all of you who have served, supported those that have and everyone else.

We appreciate all of you for supporting our first responders and our military members. We are thankful for freedom, safety and the ability to honor the Lord in all we do.

Happy Thanksgiving and we appreciate all of you.

Friday, November 26

Today’s (November 26) #Honor post goes to the deployed military members all over the world.

We keep each and every one of them in our prayers and ask God to keep them safe until they all return home.

Saturday, November 27

Today’s (November 27) #Honor post goes to Officer Halkiadakis with the Cleveland Police who is always ready to serve.

Just a few weeks ago Officer Halkiadakis was off duty at home when he heard loud banging on his door. It was his neighbor telling him that his neighbor Ed just had a heart attack. Officer Halkiadakis ran over to the neighbors house and found Ed inside with no pulse and not breathing. He immediately began CPR and continued with life saving measures until Ed regained a pulse.

“I thank God for his training and the fact that he is my neighbor, people give Cleveland PD a bad rap, I’m sure glad he is my neighbor”-Ed.

We are glad he is your neighbor as well and the city of Cleveland appreciates him and our nation appreciates Officer Halkiadakis as well. Off duty, On duty, always ready to serve, protect and save.