Weekly Honor Posts


Sunday, September 20

Today’s (September 20) #Honor post goes to Officer Sarah Paul with the Oneida City Police Department, NY for showing THANKS while being supported.

Yesterday was National Thank A Police Officer Day and Officer Paul came across a young guy that was supporting the police. Officer Paul made a detour and played some catch with the young Blue supporter which brought smiles to everyone.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow we can learn from this show of support and continue to thank our law enforcement officers and show support for each other.

Nice work Officer Paul, you are making a positive impact on your community.


Monday, September 21

Today’s (September 21) #Honor post goes to Officer Montez with the Peoria Police AZ for honoring old glory.

On midnight shift patrol recently Officer Montez observed an American flag that had blown off the post it was attached to. It was laying on the ground and without hesitation Officer Montez rolled the flag back up and placed it on a patio chair so the owners could locate it.

“It’s a sense of honor for me being a military veteran,” she said. “It’s a pride thing and seeing the flag on the floor is painful.”

Officer Montez we are proud of you, your department is proud of you and the country is appreciative of your service in the USAF and to Peoria.


Tuesday, September 22

Today’s (September 22) #Honor post goes to Deputy Apolinar and her partner with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who have been released from the hospital after being ambushed on September 12th.

Both heroes will need considerable time to make a full recovery but today we celebrate that they left the hospital.

Today more than ever our law enforcement officers need our support. Let us continue to keep all first responders in our prayers each day and night.


Wednesday, September 23

Today’s (September 23) #Honor post goes to the Quinn family for being there for each other.

On August 29, 2020 recruit Officer Quinn with the Oswego Country Sheriff’s Office sprang into action when his Dad, Deputy Quinn began to choke and was unable to breath. Recruit Officer Quinn using the Heimlich maneuver was able to dislodge the obstruction and Deputy Dad began to breath on his own.

Deputy Quinn, spent 27 years with the Onondaga County Correctional Facility and is now a special patrol officer with the Madison Country Sheriff’s Office - NY. He credits his son Recruit Officer Quinn for being there for him like a brother and a son.

To celebrate this awesome story we are adding a gift to all purchases today, any order will receive a gift as Deputy Quinn got his gift of life.


Thursday, September 24

Today’s (September 24) #Honor post goes to the Louisville Metro Police Department for being there no matter the situation.

On September 16th we honored Metro with the #Honor post for the 4th division saving a small pony near Churchill. A fine example of service to others before self.

Those same officers along with their brothers and sisters were on the line last night controlling the unrest. Different assignments but the same mission, to serve and protect.

The men and women of LMPD place others before themselves on a daily and nightly basis. We need to show them our support and let them see and hear that we appreciate them. We pray for their safety and we keep the wounded officers in our prayers.

We see you, We support you and We believe in you LMPD.


Friday, September 25

Today’s (September 25) #Honor post goes to the Governor of Florida Govenor Ron DeSantis. Every first responder respects a leader who supports the men and women who serve and protect their communities.

Recently Governor DeSantis introduced legislation that creates new criminal offenses and increases penalties for those who target law enforcement. “We will always stand with our men and women in uniform who keep our communities safe.”-Governor DeSantis.

We know that our first responders have been dealing with a multitude of challenges this year. We realize the mental toll it takes with the long hours, civil unrest and negative rhetoric that occurs each day and night. We also realize the positive mental impact when a true leader steps up and says “We back the Blue”

Thank You Governor DeSantis for leading, loving the people you serve and loving the people who serve and protect.


Saturday, September 26

Today’s (September 26) #Honor post goes to all the officers who gave so much for all of us. All service is honorable and the sacrifices made need to be recognized.

Today, September 26, 2020 is National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day.

It is the mission of Blue Help to reduce mental health stigma through education, advocate for benefits for those suffering and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers we lost to suicide. We are honored to partner with Blue Help to assist them in continuing this vital mission.

Today in the great state of Texas Highway 66 between Rowlett and Rockwall, that portion of the Highway will be renamed “Heroes Bridge” in honor of the first responders and veterans lost to suicide.