Weekly Honor Posts


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Sunday, March 19

Today’s (March 19) #Honor post goes to our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 10:31 #AllForGodsGlory

Saturday, March 18

Today’s (March 18) #Honor post goes to K9 Cort with the Fairfield Police Department for being a good boy and continues to be a good boy.

K9 Cort has arrested several violent criminals, assisted many officers on calls and has been stabbed in the course of his duties twice in his career. K9 Cort keeps on keeping on and he is appreciated for his service.

Friday, March 17

Today’s (March 17) #Honor post goes to our deployed United States military members.

Remember Everyone Deployed

Thursday, March 16

Today’s (March 16) #Honor post goes to K9 Tek with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office.

K9 Tek has served faithfully for 6 years and is a valuable member of Dodge county. K9 Tek officially enters retirement and will enjoy the time with handler Lt. Nehls and his family.

Thank you K9 Tek for your service and for protecting the citizens of Dodge county. #GoodBoy

Wednesday, March 15

Today’s (March 15) #Honor post goes to Telecommunicator Annie Casey with the KCMOPD 911 center.

On a recent call with a distraught young woman Call Taker Casey stayed on the line for 16 minutes, long enough to get the young woman the help she needed. National Telecommunications Month is next month in April but we are not waiting to honor those who don’t hesitate to help others.

Nice work Annie and you are appreciated.

Tuesday, March 14

Today’s (March 14) #Honor post goes to Det. Sgt. Mason Griffith with the Hermann PD (Missouri) for his service and ultimate sacrifice.

On March 13, 2023 Det. Sgt. Griffith and Officer Sullentrup responded to a local convenience store for a call. Upon arriving both officers were shot. Det. Sgt. Griffith sustained serious injuries and succumbed to his injuries last night. Currently Officer Sullentrup continues to fight for his life in the hospital.

We pray for the families affected and echo the words of Jennifer Griffith who is now a widow from a senseless act. “Pray for Officer Sullentrup and his family, they need the prayers as he is still fighting”.

Monday, March 13

Today’s (March 13) #Honor post goes to the brave K9’s who serve, protect and defend our communities and our country.

On this day, National K9 Veterans Day we honor the service and sacrifice given to the handlers. Your courage, dedication and loyalty have made a positive impact on the safety of our nation.

Thank you for your service and let us always honor our furry heroes furever.