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Sunday, February 14

Today’s (February 14) #Honor post goes to all who came together in Daytona to help honor the 393 fallen heroes of 2020.

There was a race at Daytona International Speedway with a great driver. There were fans cheering on Bayley Currey and the #74. There was awesome fellowship and great food and time spent together. 

But there was something bigger than a race and all that is involved in race day. 

This day belonged to the families of the 393 fallen police officers and firefighters that gave the ultimate sacrifice in 2020. We were honored to be part of something bigger than a car and a race. 

Our hat is tipped to the race team, Bayley Currey who as a young driver stands and races for more than the pole position. The #74 and Bayley will always be #1.

Finally, big respect to Zechariah Cartledge with Running 4 Heroes Inc. who continues with his passion and mission to honor all fallen heroes and make sure they are honored and respected.

Monday, February 15

Today’s (February 15) #Honor post goes to Trooper Rude with the Iowa State Patrol for being #IowaStrong.

Trooper Rude finished his first full patrol shift on Saturday February 13, 2021 after 435 days off the road. 

On December 7, 2019 Trooper Rude was working on the family farm when the scaffolding he was on collapsed. Trooper Rude fell to the ground and sustained serious injuries, including a brain bleed, fractured facial bones and broken bones on his vertebrae. 

Trooper Rude worked hard to get back on the road and had full support from his family, community and the state of Iowa. 

“Trooper Rude is the type of trooper that any law enforcement officer would want to work with,” Winneshiek County Sheriff Marx. “He’s the guy you want backing you up on a hot call.”

Trooper Rude is a testament of hard work, determination and strength that comes from within and from the community he serves. Congratulations Trooper Rude, welcome back. #369

Tuesday, February 16

Today’s (February 16) #Honor post goes to Corporal Andrew Long with the Tuolumne County Sheriff Office for his quick decision making which saved a man’s life.

On February 8, 2021 Cpl. Long responded to a despondent man threatening to jump from Parrotts Ferry Bridge. The man who was reported suicidal the night prior was the focus of an intense law enforcement search to locate him.

As Cpl. Long arrived on scene the man scaled the railing of the bridge and Cpl. Long ran toward the man grabbing him only by the arm to hold him from falling. Other units arrived and assisted Cpl. Long with getting the man to safety and ultimately advanced care and evaluation.

Nice work Cpl. Long for your dedication to your profession, the community and to the varying calls you are asked to respond to. 

Every day and night law enforcement are tasked with the unthinkable, unbearable and at times the uneasy calls for service. Cpl. Long and the nearly 900,000 law enforcement officers in our country stand ready to serve and save if called. 

Wednesday, February 17

Today’s (February 17) #Honor post goes to 1st Lt. Thessa Washington for making history as we celebrate African American History Month.

Lt. Washington with the 165th Airlift Wing has become the first African American woman pilot for the 165th. As she writes history for the U.S. Air Force she is reminded of the past and present. 

“There are so many other people who have paved the way and it’s an honor to have my name mentioned among retired LTC Claiborne (first African American woman in the USAF) and Captain Andrea Lewis (first African American woman female pilot in the state guard)”-Lt. Washington said. 

Congratulations Lt. Washington on making history and making sure history is honored at the same time. #AimingHigh 

Thursday, February 18

Today’s (February 18) #Honor post goes to Officer Garcia with the Dallas Police Department for serving with compassion. 

During a recent call Officer Garcia and FTO Crump were sent on a call involving a 9 year old girl left alone inside an apartment. When they arrived they learned she was left with a cell phone and food in the apartment while her father worked. She was sleeping on the floor as there was no bed in the apartment. 

As their week on the street continued Officer Garcia made a detour on a recent afternoon and returned to the apartment along with his FTO. Officer Garcia  went out when he was off duty and bought the young girl an inflatable mattress and some toys to play with. 

“When he pulled out the bunny, she just lit up. She had stars in her eyes and was so fascinated. She had nothing before Officer Garcia had done this.” FTO Crump said. 

Nice work Officer Garcia, you are making a difference early in your career. Keep up the great work.

As the state of Texas deals with the deadly storm they are experiencing let us keep all of Texas in our prayers. 

Friday, February 19

Today’s (February 19) #Honor post goes to Officer James Wilson with the Orlando Police Department for serving while caring.

On February 13, 2021 Officer Wilson was dispatched to a call of a street vendor selling flowers on a street corner. Realizing the next day was Valentine’s Day Officer Wilson purchased the entire lot of flowers from the woman. The woman was pleasantly surprised by the kind act by the officer.

Officer Wilson we appreciate you, Orlando appreciates you and so does the vendor. You chose to serve with compassion and not through citation. This is America, we are each other’s neighbors.

Saturday, February 20

Today’s (February 20) #Honor post goes to Deputy Martin Potts with the Scioto County Ohio Sheriff's Office for making sure that sledding did not go to the “Pots”. 

On a recent patrol shift Deputy Potts came across some eager sledders using a tote to sled down a hill. Deputy Potts took it upon himself to begin to look for sleds to purchase for the children. After searching for a bit he located some sleds at a local hardware shop and using his own money purchased several sleds. 

Deputy Potts relocated the sledders and handed out several new sleds to the appreciative group. Nice work Deputy Potts for making sure the day of sledding did not go to the “Pots”. 

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