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Sunday, July 18

Today’s (July 18) #Honor post goes to Officer Longeway and Officer Loehrke with the Toledo Police Department for serving and saving.

On July 1, 2021 the officers were sent to a despondent man. The girlfriend of the man had called police reporting that the man had made a social media post threatening self harm.

When the officers arrived they located the man in the backyard pointing a gun to his own head. The officers started a positive dialogue with the man and ultimately were able to convince the man to put the weapon down. The man was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Nice work to both officers and we appreciate you both. On this Sunday we honor these officers and glorify the one and only God who saves all. Psalm 68:20

Monday, July 19

Today’s (July 19) #Honor post goes to Zechariah Cartledge with Running 4 Heroes Inc. as he comes to Iowa to celebrate life and love for our nation’s heroes.

On Saturday, July 24th 2021 at 1230 pm Zechariah will present the Injured First Responder grant to Deputy Will Halverson with the Linn County Sheriff’s Office. This event will take place at the Linn County Sheriff’s Office on 2nd Ave in Cedar Rapids.

The community, the state of Iowa and the nation is invited to attend and celebrate life and love for our heroes.

Tuesday, July 20

Today’s (July 20) #Honor post goes to the officers with the 22nd District CPD for making the extra effort to connect with community.

On July 19, 2021 TACT officers stopped by a young fighters house in Mount Greenwood to wish him well. Brendan, a 2 year old was recently diagnosed with cancer and the officers made a stop to give him some encouragement and let him know they have his 6.

CPD is faced with challenges every day and night and they still find ways to encourage their community members. Nice work to all CPD members, you all are appreciated.

Wednesday, July 21

Today’s (July 21) #Honor post goes to Sgt. Craig Hentcy with the La Habra Police Department for serving so many in so many roles for 25 years.

Sgt. Hentcy began his public service as a volunteer firefighter then served 5 years with LAPD. His career in law enforcement took him to Whittier PD for 7 years and the last 13 years at La Habra PD.

As he began his career as a volunteer firefighter he continues that volunteer role as a member with La Habra Police Memorial Foundation, Inc. Their goal and focus is on supporting surviving family members of officers killed in the line of duty. Sgt. Hentcy is a servant at heart and we appreciate his service in all he has done.

To celebrate Sgt. Hentcy we will be sending a check to the La Habra Foundation in the amount of $250.00 in honor of Sgt. Hentcy. Keep up the great work brother.

Thursday, July 22

Today’s (July 22) #Honor post goes to Officer Childs and Officer Rivera with the Galveston Police Department for saving the day while saving a kidnap victim.

On July 18, 2021 the officers were sent on a call involving a woman being held against her will. When they arrived they could hear the woman screaming for help. The officers forcing the door open found the woman badly beaten and physically distraught. The woman who is 25 weeks pregnant told the officers she met the suspect recently and they drove to Galveston. When she tried to leave the suspect began assaulting her.

The suspect was also located and arrested and charged with kidnapping and assault.

The decisive actions from both officers saved the woman’s life. The officers were referred to as heroes and we agree. We appreciate you both.

Friday, July 23

Today’s (July 23) #Honor post goes to RN, Firefighter, EMT Megan Slagle.

Megan turns 23 today and she is an important team member with Honor and Respect. She works as an RN on the cardiac unit, is a volunteer firefighter for her city, certified EMT and our daughter. We are proud of her for being a servant to so many and for loving like Jesus does.

Happy Birthday and we love you.

Saturday, July 24

Today’s (July 24) #Honor post goes to the greater Cedar Rapids/Marion/Hiawatha metro. This community really showed what Linn County love and support looks like today.

Today Running 4 Heroes Inc. with Zechariah Cartledge presented a $10,000.00 injured first responder grant to Deputy Halverson with the Linn County Sheriff’s Office. It is from the support from everyone in this photo and all over our great country that makes this possible.

Linn County Iowa… Thank You for supporting our first responders and our military members.