Weekly Honor Posts


Sunday, June 21

Today’s Honor post goes to Officer, Deputy, Constable, Firefighter, EMT, Nurse, Therapist, Trooper, Military Member....YOU the First Responder. 

On this Father’s Day we honor you for being there not only for your own family but countless families in their time of need.

This unnamed officer from the unnamed department is YOU. The one that says “I will do it” “Pick me, I will go” “I am in” and “Let me take care of you”.

This baby needed comfort, this officer did not know the baby or the parents but knew what to do. He let his fatherly instincts take over and provided comfort to that baby.

Today we celebrate YOU, the First Responder Father. You are the heroes to your family, your community, your country and the families that need you most at the time they need you the most.

Happy Father’s Day

Monday, June 22

Today’s Honor post goes to Lt. Eric Hosette with the Clinton Fire Department.

Lt. Hosette made the ultimate sacrifice for his community on January 5, 2019 as he responded to a fire at the ADM facility in Clinton.

Today, June 22nd is his birthday and we honor him for his service to his department, community and the City of Clinton.

Prior to his passing Lt. Hosette had designed a fire truck and that truck was dedicated in his honor with his nickname of “Hoss”. Lt. Hosette will be honored at the National Fallen Firefighter Memorial this October.

Lt. Hosette is survived by his wife and daughter and today and everyday we keep them both in our thoughts and prayers. We have a donor that will be reaching out to ensure they both get Red Line Honor shoes in his name 

Lt. Hosette is a hero, a friend to everyone and a man that loves his family. “Hoss” will never be forgotten.


Tuesday, June 23

Today’s Honor post goes to Deputy McLaughlan with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office in the colorful state of Colorado.

On a recent traffic stop Deputy McLaughlan noticed that a child was not secured in a child safety seat. Deputy McLaughlan asked the driver why the child was not in a booster seat. The driver told the deputy that times were tough lately and she could not afford a booster seat.

Deputy McLaughlan returned to his squad car and called his wife and asked her to bring one of their children’s car seats to him. Deputy McLaughlan issued the driver one free booster seat as he realized a ticket may put more financial strain on her.

Nice work Deputy McLaughlan for making sure public safety is the focus with a colorful twist in the colorful state.


Wednesday, June 24

Today’s Honor post goes to Officer Jeff Schwarz with the Kearney Police Department for doing what is right as he understands his responsibility. 

On June 14, 2020 while on patrol Officer Schwarz observed an American flag had fallen and needed attention. Officer Schwarz took care of “old glory” and returned to service. It was a Sunday afternoon, with no one around and no attention to be gained. Officer Schwarz did what he knew was right, give the flag the respect it deserves. 

We think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with the freedom we all have. Officer Schwarz you are a hero to your community, the State of Nebraska and the United States of America.


Thursday, June 25

Today’s Honor post goes to Deputy Troy Chisum with the Fulton County IL Sheriff’s Office.

The community loved Deputy Chisum and he loved his community.

Today we remember Deputy Chisum as he gave the ultimate sacrifice for his community, his county and the nation.

Amanda Stoddard-Chisum, you and the girls are in our thoughts and prayers today and always.

“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”-John 15:13


Friday, June 26

Today’s Honor post goes to Laicey Ieronimo from Carver for carving her legacy into serving.

Back in June 2019 she spearheaded a movement to raise funds for the USO out of New England. She wanted all first responders and our military members to be recognized for their service. That movement led her to begin the work with The Action Team.

Starting with collecting socks for the homeless in order to help them with comfort and to reduce the spread of infection and bacteria.

Since that Laicey began to construct pairs of shoes from used cut up jeans donated from all over. She has since made dozens of shoes from the donated jean material, impacting people all over the globe.

Laicey is from a service and Blue family that places service above self. She is on her way to college to study occupational therapy, a life long goal to continue her mission to give hope to the hopeless.

Check out her mission and passion with The Action Team and let us celebrate Laicey and her passion to serve others. We are proud of you Laicey.


Saturday, June 27

Today’s Honor post goes to the “off duty” Houston Police Department officer that came to the rescue last Friday in Harris County.

On June 19, 2020 at around 11 pm the off duty officer came upon a roll over crash on the North Highway. He located a woman inside the rolled over Jeep with a serious arm injury. The officer applied a tourniquet to control the loss of blood which directly saved her life.

“Hopefully it was his bravery and heroism. He acted fast to try to prevent anyone from passing away here on this scene.”

Harris Country Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Gilbert Guien. The woman was flown to a nearby hospital for further evaluation. Yesterday Zechariah (Running 4 Heroes Inc.) was in Harris County to honor a fallen hero and today he will meet up with Chief Raymond Garivey. Let us come together and celebrate life, love and law enforcement.