Weekly Honor Posts


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Saturday,  January 21

Today’s (January 21) #Honor post goes to Sgt. Carter with the Denver Police Department for her service of many years.

Her father who served with DPD came home one night and mentioned “Hey the Denver PD is taking applications”. It was the future and history from that point. Having served with her father for a few years and now in her 35th year of service we honor Sgt. Carter. Thank you for your service and stay safe.

Friday, January 20

Today’s (R.E.D. Friday) #Honor post goes to all our deployed United States military members.

Pray for all of our members and their families as we Remember Everyone Deployed. #RED

Thursday, January 19

Today’s (January 19) #Honor post goes to the Kaysville Police Department for serving, protecting and leading the way.

Today marked the first time the on duty shift consisted of all female officers. We thank the KPD and the professional officers including our fav Officer Benson for their service and dedication to the profession.

Wednesday, January 18

Today’s (January 18) #Honor post goes to K9 Vilo with the Orem Police Department as we honor him on his recent retirement.

K9 Vilo has finished his last shift after years of service. With over 300 deployments K9 Vilo has been a dedicated member of the Orem PD and a major contributor to the community.

K9 Vilo is now living the “Good Dog” life with his handler Officer Schroemges. Thank you both for your service, you are appreciated.

Tuesday, January 17

Today’s (January 17) #Honor post goes to the new beat officers in East Harlem.

Today we recognize and honor the new officers assigned to the NYPD 25th Precinct and wish them all the best as they begin the trek in policing. Thank you for your service and you are all appreciated.

Monday, January 16

Today’s (January 16) #Honor post goes to SRO Bearden with the Albertville-AL Police Department. On this day we honor service and sacrifice for others.

At a recent school activity SRO Bearden found himself applying the training he learned in the academy. A frantic mother of an infant ran up to Officer Bearden and said “My baby is not breathing”.

SRO Bearden immediately began life saving measures and soon the baby was breathing and transported to the hospital for treatment.

On a day we honor MLK Jr we reflect his own words: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?” We honor SRO Bearden for his service and commitment to others.

Sunday, January 15

Today’s (January 15) #Honor post goes to our Lord Jesus Christ as we honor HIM in all we do.

No matter what you do, say and focus on let it all be to Glorify God only.