Weekly Honor Posts


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Sunday January 3rd

Today’s (January 3) #Honor post goes to the Harris County Sheriff's Office for making sure there was Texas size love on Christmas.

On Christmas Day deputies with HCSO were sent on a welfare check on a 93 year old woman. The report indicated the woman had not been heard from for about 3 weeks. When deputies arrived they learned the woman who has only 1 daughter was fine and she had not had a visitor for years. The woman had decorated her house with Christmas decor and was excited to show the deputies her work.

The deputies returned on New Year’s Day to surprise her with a few gifts and had great conversation with her again. She wanted to take a photo with the deputies to show it off at church.

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”.-Mother Teresa.

Nice work deputies, this will be a Christmas and now a New Year to remember for all.


Monday January 4th

Today’s (January 4) #Honor post goes to a Officer Valencia with CHP – West Valley for always giving a “hoot” on every call for service.

On a recent dispatch Officer Valencia was sent to check US-101 in Agoura Hills for an injured owl. Officer Valencia located the injured owl walking in the lanes of the 101.

Officer Valencia was able to safely remove the owl from the freeway and stayed with the owl until animal control arrived. Nice work Officer Valencia, we appreciate you.

Let us all take a lesson from Officer Valencia and that is to give a “hoot” about everything we do, and for everything.


Tuesday January 5th

Today’s (January 5) #Honor post goes to U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Kyle Wetter for his courageous actions on December 7, 2020.

On that day, the day of Remembrance of Pearl Harbor Gunnery Sgt. Wetter was driving when he observed a car in front of him burst in flames. The car had struck a gas can that had fallen out of another vehicle that day onto the road.

“Immediately, I was like I need to help them any way I can”-Gunnery Sgt. Wetter said. The Marine ran to the car and immediately assessed the situation. The driver of the car was able to get out but his 18 month baby was trapped inside and secured in the car seat. The father and Gunnery Sgt. Wetter attempted to disengage the seat from the baby but the seat was stuck.

Gunnery Sgt. Wetter let his training and instincts take over. Removing his knife he was able to cut the seat belt and safely removing the baby. Moments later the car burst into flames and was a total loss.

Nice work Marine Gunnery Sgt. Wetter, we appreciate you and your service to our country. In these uncertain times Gunnery Sgt. Wetter reminds us that we can all help each other when it is our time.


Wednesday January 6th

Today’s (January 6) #Honor post goes to Sgt. Barney, Officer Seele and Officer Geer with the Coralville Police Department for living by the “oath”.

On January 2, 2020 these officers assisted in delivering baby Elizabeth. When time did not allow for mom and baby to get to the hospital in time these officers made sure Elizabeth was brought into the world safely.

Elizabeth and mom stopped by on the anniversary a year later to thank the officers for living by their oath to serve and protect and always deliver exceptional service.

As Elizabeth means “My God is an oath” and “My God is abundance” we are reminded that is all we need today, tomorrow and a year ago. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth and thank you officers for living by your oath.


Thursday January 7th

Today’s (January 7) #Honor post goes to the nearly 900,000 law enforcement professionals that lace up the boots, throw on the Kevlar, wear the shield proudly and hit the streets. These true servants make untold sacrifices for all of us, never wanting the spotlight.

Today and everyday but especially today we join the thousands of law enforcement agencies that are praying for all officers. During this challenging time we stand with them, on the line, to make sure they know we support them.

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to the Father who is in Heaven”-Matthew 5:16.


Friday January 8th

Today’s (January 8th) #Honor post goes to The National Guard for always being ready and always being there.

From the activation and response to the pandemic to natural disasters and frequent civil unrest the members of the National Guard respond accordingly. “We are part of the communities we serve.”-General Joseph Lengyel.

The overall mission of Guard members is to assist local authorities and ensure safety.

“The hardest mission we do is responding in times of civil unrest”, General Lengyel.

We want to thank the thousands of National Guard members across our country for their service and sacrifice. We appreciate you, your neighbor appreciates you and the United States of America appreciates you.


Saturday January 9th

Today’s (January 9) #Honor post goes to the nearly 900,000 true servants that continue to serve, protect and defend their communities and our country.
Today is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and we salute the brave men and women who show up, give all they have and hold the Line.
God Bless our law enforcement officers and protect them each day and night and let us continue to always appreciate them every hour.